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How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company

Gone are the days when people used to sit in front of a laptop to search even the smallest information. People these days are much comfortable with their smart phones in which they can find answer to almost every question. Almost every website these days have mobile application, which makes…

11 February 2019

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A Few Advantages of Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing, also called as the paid search campaigns, is basically a way to online advertise for companies in which the sponsored links are bought on the site of the content, blogs, websites and the search engine result pages. The advertisements displayed in the result pages of the…

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Social Media Optimization” is the Keyword Now

The moment we hear the word Social Media, the first thing that knocks our mind is sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. However, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is different from the social media sites. Social media optimization has emerged as the main tool these days which can help increasing the…

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Website Design is an Asset to Your Business

Anybody who says website design does not play a vital role in making a website or even the business popular, is wrong. Yes you read that absolutely right! We all get attracted to a beautiful face, don’t we? In the same way, we all get attracted to a well-designed website…

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Conquer the World: New Strategies and Cost Effectiveness in Global SEO

So, you have a business and your business has a website. Traditional SEO tactics and localized keyword research helps your business rank well online. Great! But now that you are doing well, you want to expand, don’t you? You can see a spike in international visitors. You’re getting customers asking…

08 November 2018

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Target Wider Audience at Campaign Level with Multiple Languages Targeted Bing Ads

Few days ago, Bing Ads made an announcement stating that advertisers will now be able to target multiple languages at the ad campaign level. This is a helpful update for advertisers who are unable to target their audience globally because of language constraints. Before this update, Bing Ads did support…

30 October 2018

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Facebook to Takedown Posts Spreading Misinformation on Voting this Election

The election this fall seems to have captured Facebook’s attention but in a good way. Facebook is waging a war against the ongoing political misinformation being spread across the social media platform. Facebook made an announcement stating that it will be keeping an eye on the most basic form of…

22 October 2018

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Google Plus to Shut Down after Glitch Compromises 5 Hundred Thousand Accounts

The consumer version of Google+ is going to shut down for next 10 months as stated by blog post published by Google. The decision to shut down the social media platform was made after a security flaw exposed the data of about 5 hundred thousand users. Google has also stated…

12 October 2018

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